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Out of State Thoroughbred Racing

Posted On : 2021-03-08

 SROTB will NO longer accept wagering on out of state thoroughbred racing after 7:00 pm on any day 

new wagering site now available

Posted On : 2024-04-18

ATTENTION: Updated Wagering Now Live!

Qwikbetz Will Be Re-Directed To soon!!


We are excited to announce that online wagering is now live!!!  You can login with the same account # and PIN # that you use to login to, there is no need to re-register!


This enhanced wagering site will provide a much more user-friendly experience that we know our existing customers will come to love! Customers that have been on the new site are giving lots of positive feedback.  We encourage you to visit and click on "BET NOW." This will bring you to your new home for online wagering with Suffolk OTB.  Since will be shut down and re-directed to in the coming weeks, there is no better time to familiarize yourself with the new site than RIGHT NOW!!  

We understand that many of you are familiar and comfortable with wagering at, but can assure you that after some practice and some time playing at, you will find the experience to be more straightforward, less confusing, and certainly easier on the eyes. What's more, we have some exciting upgrades coming in future updates to the wagering site, that were simply not possible on  

  If you have any difficulties navigating or wagering at, or would like to update your email address and phone number to unlock more convenient funding options, please contact customer service at (631) 853-1000 Ext. 1 where operators are waiting to assist.


We thank you and hope you enjoy the new, modern wagering experience at!


New IRS Regulations

Posted On : 2017-10-02





IRS rules require winnings of $600 or more to be reported if the winnings are at least 300 times the amount of the wager.  Winnings of $5,000 or more (or $600 if the customer fails to provide a social security or other taxpayer ID number) where the winnings are at least 300 times the amount wagered, are subject to 25% tax withholding.  These thresholds will remain unchanged. 

Under the new regulations, ALL wagers placed on a single wagering pool on a single ticket or wagered from a single wagering account will count towards the “amount of the wager” for the purpose of triggering tax-reporting or automatic withholding requirements.  Previously, only the amount wagered on the actual winning combination was considered to be “the amount of the wager”, no matter how many combinations a player may have wagered in that pool.  

For example, if a player wagers a $1.00 triple wheel and the cost of the wager totals $48.00, under the new regulations the wager would have to pay off at $14,400 or greater to trigger any reporting or withholding requirements ($48 multiplied by 300).  Previously a win of only $600 would be reportable for this same scenario.

Account Wagering Customers:

You are in the best position to benefit from these new regulations, because all wagers on a single pool from a single wagering account will be combined for purposes of determining the amount wagered regardless of when or where the wager was placed.

Branch Customers:

For wagers paid for with cash or a voucher (whether from a teller or a machine), only winning wagers for the same pool and on the same physical ticket will be combined for this purpose.